Discipline, Goals and Accomplishments


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. — Jim Rohn

Discipline is about completing every task that will take us to our goals. Discipline has its own reward. Discipline allows us to stay focus in spite of chaos. Discipline assists us in acquiring good habits. Discipline helps us to hold it together when we need to until we’re ready to let it go later. Discipline is difficult, but we’re satisfied after completing each task. Discipline is telling us to keep hanging on because we’re almost there. Discipline is like a friend we take in or a foe we keep out. It is up to us to embrace discipline because we have it to assist us not punish to us. Besides, we punish ourselves enough with our doubts. Discipline guarantees consistency with everything we do; Discipline keeps us on track and in order.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. — Jim Rohn Click To Tweet


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