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Change For Health is full of gems of more than 140 pages of brief messages that you can refer to daily that I hand-picked from this website
Here are some of the titles of what lies in Chapter 1 Abilities:
I Win Olympic Championships
Pretend and Master It
Let’s Show Compassion By Using Our Talents                                                                                                           
Certainties & Uncertainties
Trusting Our Abilities
Our Own Abilities
Improve Your Time
Better to Do Something, Than Not
Relying On Our Abilities
The Basic Form Of Creativity is Work
What’s Our Purpose?                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Change For Health was created from the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. It is an accumulation of blog posts, from the website: The website was created for those who want to make personal changes. There are countless books about Erickson’s work, concerning how he used his therapeutic and psychiatric techniques and strategies to change another person. Instead, I realized, when I read Erickson’s transcripts, listened to audiotapes, and watched videos of him in action, that he would always suggests ideas to his patients or anyone who was listening. Many of his ideas stemmed from his philosophy of life: to deal with reality as it is and to use our own resources that we already have to move through life’s transitions and difficulties. He often spoke about the differences between our conscious and unconscious mind, our experiential learnings, our resources, and our choices to celebrate life. These are the things that he would remind his patients. My goal is to do the same for my readers.