Think less, Feel More


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.”— Osho

For some of us, it is so easy to stay in our heads than to experience the feeling of life. We get so preoccupied with the thoughts in our heads that we can’t hear what our heart is telling us. If we let our heart lead us, then maybe we will find our passion and our purpose.  The quote above didn’t say not to think at all but to think less and feel more. Feelings bring color to our world when we allow ourselves to experience them. The more we feel the more we’re connected with our surroundings. We just don’t feel with our hearts, but feel with our hands, feel the chair we’re sitting on, feel the grounds we’re standing. Feeling also includes experiencing our life internally like paying attention to our body rhythms.


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