The Smallest Deeds

One Good Deed

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.”— John Burroughs

It is so easy to say that we want to do great things in our lives. It is also easy to feel overwhelmed with anxiety to expect to do great things but only to be left with great intentions. Our egos think that for us to feel good about ourselves we ought to do grandiose things in our lives. But if we start slowly accomplishing small deeds, then we will have continuity to accomplish bigger deeds. Because by the time we get from accomplishing the smallest deeds to accomplishing the biggest deeds, we would have gain genuine confidence, experience and maturity. Therefore, we will be ready to handle the big deeds in our lives. It is all right to settle for small deeds. Small deeds can be like seeds. They will continue to grow long after the deeds are done, and as long as they are properly planted in enriched soil, with plenty of sunshine, and water.



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