Run The Day

End of the another day

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Either you run the day or the day runs you. — Jim Rohn

We have a choice to either run our day or allow the day to run us. Procrastination is one example where we allow the day to run us. Instead of initiating, planning and executing the plan promptly, we procrastinate and wait until we’re forced to make a move under the pressure of a deadline to get things done. When we do get things done under this kind of pressure, we experience relief or relief from the pressure. That relief reinforces the procrastinating behavior, in which, encourages more procrastination. In other words, the procrastinating behavior is rewarded by relief of tension and release of pressure we put on ourselves. Procrastination creates an unnecessary burden on ourselves when we dread doing a task. However, initiating a plan is imperative for running our daily lives which mean taking control of our lives. When we do more initiating, we gain more self-respect.


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