People Who Believe In Themselves

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Post Written By Eugene Morgan

People believe in those who believe in themselves. — Unknown

We’re drawn to those who have self-confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin. Self-confidence is earned over time. For us to gained confidence we must allow ourselves to experience life. We all have a relationship with ourselves. When we give a person our word that we will do something and we follow through with it, we’re building confidence in the relationship. However, if we give ourselves our word that we will do something but don’t follow through with it, and then we will lose confidence in ourselves and we leave ourselves with disappointments. Our relationship with ourselves is just as important as our relationship with others.  If we’re willing to say yes to others but say no to ourselves, we’re dismissing ourselves with disrespect. When our main concern is to please others, we’re neglecting what we want in life.  It is all right to please others but it is not all right not to please ourselves. If we want to win ourselves over, then we must start respecting ourselves by following through with our word. When we follow through with our word, then we begin to believe in ourselves.


People believe in those who believe in themselves. — Unknown Click To Tweet

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