Our Heart of Hearts

present and distant heart

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have.”— James R. Ball

If we believe that we don’t deserve to have something, then we won’t put our hearts into getting it. However, if we do believe we deserve to have something, then we will put our hearts, minds and souls into it.  All of us have dealt different cards in life. Some people have better access to certain things than others. So life is not always fair. But we all have to find our own way in life. If we’re uncertain about ourselves, how can we be certain about anything else? The belief starts with us. It is the belief that we have resources from our experiences that we can always draw from. We can make our life worthwhile if we create an atmosphere in our lives that we do deserve everything what life has to offer. And that we can be grateful each day of our lives that we are given an opportunity to do good things, if we believe we deserve it in our hearts.


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