Be What You Are

Be Yourself.

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.”— Julius Charles Hare

It is okay to admire someone. Admiration is really about seeing the same qualities in us of someone else. It’s only a concern when we feel a need to be more like the person we admire for us to feel good about ourselves. We then run the risk of comparing ourselves to others. However, there is no need to compare ourselves with another when each and every one of us is unique. We each bring a unique perspective to the world. Therefore, it is all right to be what we are because it requires less energy than if we were to be someone else we are not. Since it take less energy to be ourselves, and then we can use all our energy to being the best of what we are and experience the freedom of expressing that to the world.

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