Expect Things

Post Written By Eugene Morgan You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. ~Michael Jordan Expectation is the push that we need to make things happen. We have to hold ourselves accountable because our nature likes to stray away from our goal. We want to get distracted. So we have to […]

Life’s Under No Obligation

Post Written By Eugene Morgan “Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.” — Margaret Mitchell We all have certain expectations. We have different levels of expectations. Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to make things a certain way because we’re unhappy the way things are going. However, we don’t have to fall prey to having […]

Expectations Too High

Post Written By Eugene Morgan If we’re constantly and easily disappointed about something, then that must mean that our expectations is too high.  It is difficult for us to have a positive attitude when we have high expectations. But if we lower our expectations about things, then we can easily manage our lives without being […]

Expectation Rules

Post Written By Eugene Morgan We all can expect ourselves to do something. Expectation is a part of everyday life. When we fall asleep, we expect to wake up the next morning. We expect to put one foot in front of the other. When we sit in a chair, we expect to stand. When we […]


Post Written By Eugene Morgan Expectation is a belief that something will happen. If we expect failure then we will in our power fail. But if we expect to succeed, then we will in our power succeed. We have a lot of power we don’t know about or forgot about. We can just reach in […]

Do You Expect Failure or Expect Success?

Post Written By Eugene Morgan We all have different expectations that we experience everyday. When we arise from our beds in the morning, we expect to do a variety of things before we leave from our residences. While we’re working, we’re expected to present ourselves in a certain way that is conducive to our jobs. […]

Making the first Move

Written By Eugene Morgan Expectation is not waiting for something to happen. Expectation is an attitude to do something to expect something to happen.  It’s something that we do that influence something external that might happen. We can’t rely on external events alone for something to happen for us.  We must play our part in […]