Your Self-Respect Blossoms


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Do something to allow your self-respect to blossom. — David Viscott

It is important to nurture our self-respect. When we nurture self-respect, our self-esteem increases. However, self-doubt is one of the quickest ways to lower our self-esteem that in turn affects our self-respect. When an opportunity comes our way we can take advantage of it because we believe we deserve it. We believe we deserve an opportunity because we know we worked so hard to get to where we are now and we’re ready to take it. We earn self-respect. We can be our worse enemy or our best advocate when it comes to making a choice to build our self-respect or not. No one can lower our self-esteem unless we allow it. Self-respect gives us the privilege to express ourselves through doing what we find important to us.


Do something to allow your self-respect to blossom. — David Viscott Click To Tweet




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