When It Is Time

I Am Not Alone

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

When it is time to rest, then let us rest. When it is time to work, then let us work. When it is time to eat, then let us enjoy eating with family. When it is time to meet up with others, then let us meet up. Everything has a place and time as long as we are there doing them. When it is time to rise, then let us rise. We are all interconnected with the universe. Although we are part of a bigger picture, we each do our parts as contributors to the society we live in. No one is insignificant because every one of us is unique. There will never be another one like us. So let us roam freely being ourselves because it is the natural thing to do. Why should we resist what’s natural. As humans we live to a higher order of things and we are stewards of this world. We’re only temporary until the next generations come along to be the new leaders of their time.

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