Weather The Storm

Rainbow's best

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Let us not deceive ourselves into believing that every aspect of a task or tasks we do should always be satisfying. We will have struggles, and not everything will go as plan. We will get frustrated, impatient, and especially at the beginning, have some doubts completing our tasks. These feelings are normal when it comes to learning a new task. These are challenges we must accept and prepare ourselves for. We will learn new discoveries about what we like and what we dislike during the experience. This is about learning to deal with life as is and instead of distorting what we think life should be. We have gone through struggles of completing a task, which made us a lot stronger than before.  We will face oppositions from ourselves such as a lack of focus, idleness, distractions, getting off track along the way. But if we want it badly enough, then we must continue to move uphill to weather the storm.

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