The Future Remains

tomorrow ripe / Morgenreif

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Just remember, when you think all is lost, the future remains.”— Dr. Robert H. Goddard

There is hope in our future, when we have lost everything today.Our tomorrows are our opportunities to make up for the lost. It is only a sad ending when we lose our hope in our future. Everything we have learned up to now is what is going to help us regain our confidence and our dignity of self-worth. We must look on into our future by what we must do today and stop looking at what we have lost but see that we haven’t really lost anything but our pride. And our pride will return eventually with the faith in ourselves we once had. There are others who still believe in us so we should also believe in us as well. Our new-found belief is counting on us to make it through the world.


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