Outside The Comfort Zone

Post Written By Eugene Morgan “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” — Michael John Bobak Getting out of our comfort zone sometimes evoke fears and doubts in us. However, we forget that getting out of our comfort zone is an opportunity for us to grow and expand ourselves.  Everyday we will experience some kind […]

When We Execute Our Intentions

Post Written By Eugene Morgan The best way to keep good intentions from dying is to execute them. — Unknown It is nice to have good intentions but as we know from our experiences that good intentions won’t get us anywhere. Good intentions are only that, intentions without merit. It feels good to tell ourselves or […]

Decision To Do

Post Written By Eugene Morgan It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.— Elbert Hubbard When we decide to do something we no longer wrestle with the thoughts of what ifs. When we decide on what to do, we create steps to complete […]

Weather The Storm

Post Written By Eugene Morgan Let us not deceive ourselves into believing that every aspect of a task or tasks we do should always be satisfying. We will have struggles, and not everything will go as plan. We will get frustrated, impatient, and especially at the beginning, have some doubts completing our tasks. These feelings […]

Small Easy Tasks

Post Written By Eugene Morgan Sometimes we get so frustrated with ourselves when we want to make a change but don’t follow through.  When it comes to change, following through is the hardest part because of the belief in our minds that we can’t do it or it’s too difficult or I’m too tired or […]

Putting Pressure On Ourselves

Post Written By Eugene Morgan We have all experienced pressure in our lives. However, most pressures are what we put on ourselves, because we want things done in a certain way at a certain time. Also, the pressure comes from trying to get a lot of things done quickly and simultaneously. Our bodies react to […]

Going Beyond Limitations

Post Written By Eugene Morgan Limitations are the beliefs and thoughts we set for ourselves in our minds. If we say this is too difficult even before we start doing a task then we’ve already setting limits on ourselves, therefore we won’t do it. We won’t even try, or we would procrastinate before we go […]

Focus On One Task

Post Written By Eugene Morgan If we want to get things done, we must then focus. When we focus, we lose the things that are distracting. Distraction only delays our process of completing or finishing a task. It’s amazing how much we can get done, only if we focus on the task. Working on too many […]

Divide it, Manage it, Complete it

Post Written By Eugene Morgan “In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult… I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.” Og Mandino The above quote is good to remember when we’re challenged by a difficult and major project. If we just do bit at a time, the task can […]

When it’s time to Retreat

Post Written By Eugene Morgan It is time to retreat, when we’ve been working on something for a long time. It is time to retreat, when things seem overwhelming. It is time to retreat, when we begin to make too many mistakes. It is time to retreat, when we are only running on fumes. It […]

Be In The Trenches

Post Written By Eugene Morgan When anticipating on how difficult a task will be, it’s harder to start and complete it. But when we do start on the task and keep our attention focus on the task at hand, there are usually no doubting and/or nagging thoughts about the tasks itself. In other words, when […]

Be an Expert in Dirty Work

Written By Eugene Morgan For us to succeed in life, we must do the dirty work.  We must do what most people dread doing for us to succeed.  There are some monotonous and mindless tasks we must endure.  We may have to stay up late to complete a task before retiring to a sound sleep. […]

Earning Your Happiness

“That every happiness is earned and, if given to you, it’s merited,” Milton Erickson When we complete something, we feel a sense of accomplishment especially when it’s a difficult task.  But sometimes, we get in the way of completing a task.  Erickson would call this conscious interference.  For example, self-doubt is one of the techniques […]