Success, a Character Builder


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Success builds character. Failure reveals it. — Dave Checketts

In other words, how we deal with failure is an indication as to how well we succeed. Our struggle to success is a character builder. We learn to get tougher skin when we struggle. It is just as important to fail as it is to succeed. Success is built upon failures because we continue through the struggles until we get to where we want to go. Struggling is a part of everyday life to help us to learn how to live and interact with the world. Struggling makes us a stronger candidate for success.  Struggle helps us to grow into our potential if we don’t give up but continue the path we set for ourselves. It is tough to look at ourselves in the mirror to see what failure reveals to us. We discover what kind of characteristics and/or traits that are floating to the surface of our psyche. It is really about self-discovery.


Success builds character. Failure reveals it. — Dave Checketts Click To Tweet


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