Risk With Fear, Then Live With Confidence


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. — Warren Buffett

If we don’t risk, then we take away our choices. When we take away our choices we feel stagnated or stuck. Fear controls when we don’t take risks. So fear can deceive us into believing that there are no choices. For us to overcome fear we must go through fear. Our fears don’t have to control our actions. Instead, we can see fear as a positive respond to a new situation. We can use our fears as an asset instead of as a liability.  Our fear is just a barometer that we’re about to take some risks that is outside our comfort zone. Sometimes we won’t know what we’re doing until we do it a few more times until we feel confidence in ourselves doing it which eventually lessens the fear.  Fear doesn’t have to be used as a crutch but use to remind ourselves that we’re about to grow outside our comfort zone.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing. — Warren Buffett Click To Tweet