Our Story Is Not Over

Just can't put this book down !

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

One bad chapter doesn’t mean your story’s over. — Unknown

We all have bad chapters in our lives, and we also have good ones as well. Not only we are stronger when we go through difficulties, but we also have a better understanding of things that we didn’t have before. Our future selves cannot go back into the past and give our past selves guidance, however, we can give the next generation some guidance.  We have regrets; however, we can learn from them. Today it is not too late to rewrite our story. Usually, our past is a good indicator of our future. If we don’t want to continue this path, we have to alter our present. Altering our present means doing something other than what we’ve been doing up to now.  It is easier to complain than to do something that’s out of our comfort zone. However, the more we alter our present, the more we rewrite our story.


One bad chapter doesn’t mean your story’s over. — Unknown Click To Tweet





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