Open Minds Open Doors

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Post Written by Eugene Morgan

Open minds lead to open doors. — Unknown

An open mind is destined to open doors. Opportunities awake us when we’re ready to take them on today. An open mind widens our world. We see things we’ve hadn’t seen before. It is helpful to have our minds open when it comes to a exploring new things. Our biases are known to close doors. How can we expect to see opportunities when we can’t see on the other side of the door? Just as a balloon floats to the sky when we look down we can see everything. A closed mind sees no opportunities. A closed mind cannot see beyond the biases. It is not easy for all of us to give up some of our biases. We just need to break up some our prejudices to build new associations and distinctions to help us increase our horizon and to expand our world.


Open minds lead to open doors. — Unknown Click To Tweet


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