Live Your Life


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Live your life and forget your age. — Norman Vincent Peale

Yes, there are some limitations when it comes to age sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean we stop dreaming and living our lives. If we’re able to walk, talk, hear, see, and have a functional mind, then we still can continue to do things we enjoy the most with a purpose. It’s never too late to do most things in life. Our age doesn’t have to be the barometer for what we can and can’t do. We don’t have to allow societal pressures to dictate how we live our lives because of our background, age or anything that perceived to be a limitation.  Life is meant for living no matter what the age. We can learn from individuals that are younger and older than we’re and they can learn from us because we’re community of people with a variety of influences like education, art, business, and etc.

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