Live In Harmony

Harmony Lakes Loop trail

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.— Marcus Aurelius

When we find ourselves in conflict with ourselves, then there is conflict with others and the world. It is all right to retreat and close our eyes to look inward to see what’s going on within us. No one is saying that there aren’t any conflict in the world. That would be a false statement. But it is true that we can easily project our conflict externally so we don’t have to deal with ourselves. If someone asks a question that requires us reflection on our part, but answers the question, “I don’t know,” then we’re avoiding our thoughts and our feelings. When we say, “I don’t know.” a lot then, maybe we’re avoiding some unpleasant events or an unpleasant memory in our lives that are too painful to cope. That’s when its time to look inward to find out what thought goes to what feeling. Sometimes we just need to stop looking in the past that’s causing the unpleasant feelings. But it is important to feel the feelings that the images are causing and to move on thus making the images smaller and turning images from color to black and white.


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