It Is Time To Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

It is time to laugh. It is time to laugh at ourselves. It is time to laugh with ourselves and with others. We forget to laugh, when we take life so seriously. Laughter is a release of an emotion. We feel so much better after a good laugh. We should practice one good laugh daily. Laughter supports health. It also takes practice to find humor in everyday things and/or situations. Laughing with another helps us to connect with one another better. It is better to laugh out loud than to hold back a laugh. Laughter is a peculiar thing we do. Laughing is spontaneous behavior. Laughing seems like the one emotion that keeps all other emotions in balance. Laughing is a process of breaking up biases. While laughing helps us to break up our biases, we can begin to see things differently.

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