Flexibility is Creativity

white light

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Where there is creativity, there is flexibility. In other words, we must be flexible to create creativity.  It is all right to allow our minds to wonder and brainstorm about things.  Brainstorming allows us to imagine things without restrictions. Kids do this all the time. We were once kids. So if we can look back and to see ourselves as children imagining what it would be like to do this  or that—and we can pretend. When we pretended as children, we gave ourselves permission to be what we wanted to be because we wanted to know what it would be like. As children we can go as far as we can imagine ourselves to be doing something wonderful and fulfilling.  Creativity is a way to give ourselves back our freedom in life because as adults we get so involved with our fast-paced life that we forget that we can slow down our pace and think about the wonderment of life.


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