Find Ways

Receding Tide

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find ways to do it.”— Dr. David Schwartz

The mind is only instructed to do by belief. If we believe that we can’t do something, then we will find ways to sabotage, however, if we know that we can do something, then we will find ways to do it. Even when we see difficulties ahead and still believe that we can do it, our minds will not rest until we carry out our goal. Our mind is the most powerful machine in the universe. We don’t know how true that is yet. We have countless examples that we can look back on to see how our minds are incredible. Our minds do amazing things for us that we take for granted.  Communication is the high mark of intelligence. Planning and then executing is another high mark of intelligence. We’re able to recall a memory without effort.


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