Enjoy The Dream Today


Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Letting go of the past means that you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.”— Don Miguel Ruiz

Sometimes we don’t want to let go of the past is because there is a familiarity. We’re comfortable with familiarity of the past even though it can sometimes hurt. The past is the memory of things we’ve experienced. But we do have dreams. And some of our dreams do come true for us. Those dreams that are happening now in our lives are what we can enjoy and cherish if we give them our attention.  Cherish what we already have and we will be happy. We have a chance to live out our dreams as it is happening today.  The dreams that’s happening in our lives today are from a distant past that were just ideas. We have all put in the hard work for our dreams to become real in our lives.  It is okay to let go of the past while enjoying what is happening now.


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