Conquering The Self

A photographer capturing view from Mt Fuji

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”— Sir Edmund Hillary

This is a very powerful message for us to understand. It is not easy for us to stay focus on a goal. Distractions are inevitable when it comes to staying on track with our goals. There are some days that we don’t want do the work. However, there are days that we do enjoy doing the work. There are days we have to push ourselves to do the work when we don’t feel like it. We got to be consistent and maintain the work we do so we can reach our goals and that’s not always easy to do. Discipline is the key.  If we want something bad enough, then we will plow through the delays, the rejections, the criticisms, and disappointments and all other obstacles. And when we’re on the others side of victory, we can be pride of ourselves that we reached our goals on our own terms.

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