Change With Values

Sustainable Value

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”— Dalai Lama

In other words, what Dalai Lama is saying in the above quote is to change for what is good for us rather than change for what others think we should be. It is within our power to change what is appropriate for us. We’re the ones that will have to live with the decisions we make in our lives. We know our decisions will affect our lives somehow. We know through our values what we like or dislike and what’s important to us. We all have different sets of values along with different perspectives while living our own unique experiences. That means one person’s value is different from another person’s values. We truly have the answers within so we must ask ourselves what do we want, wish and desire. If we know what we want in our lives, then we have a purposeful and meaningful life.


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