Action Feeds Courage

Burst of Action

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.— 

Thinking is the very thing that causes fear. Doubting is a mental exercise that preoccupies our attention away from our goal. The mental energy is being misused until we redirect our energy back to what’s important. If we act in spite of our fear, then we will realize that we can discover what things we can do without feeling inadequate.  Our action is a way for us to build self-confidence, which we will need, the most of when we start to tackle things we only dream about. Action creates an atmosphere of feeling in control of oneself instead of allowing fear to control us. Our action discharges fear eventually if we allow it to happen.  Fears should be reserved for self-preservation when we need to be alert to life and death situations. Action feeds on our abilties while fear feeds on our limitations.


Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. — W. Clement Stone Click To Tweet


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