Achievement Starts With Desire

Realização - Achievement

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

The starting point of all achievement is desire.— Napoleon Hill

If we want it bad enough, then we will achieve it. If we lose sight of our desire, then we will not even start. Desire is our inner drive to succeed.  If we could ask ourselves what is the one thing we could find most desirable? It would be that one thing we know could be life changing in our lives. It’s the one thing we dream about. It’s the one thing that preoccupies our thoughts. Our whole being is telling us to go for it. When we decide to go for it, then our fear turns into excitement and desire begins to grow. We’re stronger than we think. As long as we set our minds on something we desire the most, achievement is just around the corner.  We’re more than half way there if desire is the starting point of all achievements.


The starting point of all achievement is desire.— Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet


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