A Community of People

Community Center

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way.”— Unknown

When we highlight our moments, we usually recall the people who touched our lives the most. We have traces of people over the years have made an impression and we have made a good impression on them. If we look on facebook, we will see a timeline of photos of our past, which include pictures of people. It could be our family members or our co-workers or it could be friends that we hang out with. We’re a community of people. Most of us enjoy hanging out with other people through special occasions like a birthday party, celebration, or an award dinner. We participate in holidays together. Food is the best thing to bring people together. We enjoy sharing a feast, our just simply ordering out a lunch together. Friendship is very important to most people because we want to hang out with someone more like us with similar interests.


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