In Suffering Is Blessings

John Wooden If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier

Post Written By Eugene Morgan

“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”— Edgar Allen Poe

Whether or not that’s an emotional or physical suffering, we can still say that we’re blessed. To be blessed is to look for all the wonderful things that happened in one’s life while in the mist of suffering. The things that we cherish in our hearts the most are the things that are blessings to us. Suffering is only temporary and that’s a blessing to know. Nothing is permanent, and that includes suffering. Suffering is our resistance to pain. However, it is a natural propensity to withdraw our hand from a hot burning stove because getting burnt and feeling the pain is inevitable. It’s self-preservation to withdraw one’s hand. But we can start counting our blessings with our fingers. This is by far putting our hands into good use.


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